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Beginning therapy is a massive step towards improving your mental health and overall well-being. In every inquiry email I respond to I include that I’m am honored to have received the potential client’s message- because I truly am. The vulnerability and courage it takes to ask for help is not lost on me! While I […]

Therapy Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

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My first time to join a CrossFit gym was 2018 which means, my love of CrossFit predates my time working in a clinical setting.  This week, I returned to my home gym and “re-joined” for the third time.  The following is an authentic attempt at sharing why I keep coming back.While this blogpost is not […]

Five Lessons CrossFit Continues to Teach me about Mental Health

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Sometimes we don’t bother to develop pleasant activities. It’s true that sometimes it’s easier to forgo the pleasant activities in life… easier, yes- better, no. Sometimes we’re too are too depressed, tired, over- worked, or overwhelmed to make the effort. Other times, we mistake pleasant activities to be these big giant things that take planning and strategy and […]

The Life Changing Magic of Pleasant Activities

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If we have chatted for any amount of time in the past year or so- you know I’m on a mission to use “AND” more as opposed to “BUT.”  And allows for an addition to, but stops us right where we are.   We had a snow ice day week this past week and it was beautifuland […]

Snow Days & Change & Consistency